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Diya Sharma

Program Host - Youth Media

Diya is the co-host of YANA LV, WDIY's Youth Media Program show focused on mental health. She is an 11th-grade student at Moravian Academy.

Diya is an individual with a passion for dance, community service, poetry, and multimedia arts. Her journey into podcasting began when Diya teamed up with her close friend, Brannagh, after nearly eight years of friendship. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a podcast centered around their shared interest: mental health. Diya's belief in spreading awareness about mental well-being has been a driving force in her life. Initially, she utilized the expressive art of Indian classical dance as a platform to address mental health issues, striving to reassure her community that they are not alone.

Diya and Brannagh brought their podcast to WDIY as a monthly on-air show — YANA LV (You Are Not Alone Lehigh Valley) — in March of 2024. Now, Diya and Brannagh continue this important mission, to communicate to the members of the Lehigh valley that they are not alone.