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Brannagh Breslin

Program Host - Youth Media

Brannagh is the co-host of YANA LV, WDIY's Youth Media Program show focused on mental health. She is a junior who is currently attending school in Bethlehem, PA. When she is not completely absorbed in her studies she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering at her local hospital, and actively being involved in audio visual media.

Brannagh and her friend Diya went to school together for almost eight years, building a strong friendship. In June of 2023 they decided they wanted to make a podcast together, a podcast based on a shared interest between them, mental health. Brannagh has always been drawn to such a multifaceted and complex topic as it has been something her own brother with autism has struggled with. She wanted to show him that he is not alone, and there are a multitude of individuals who have had their own share of mental health struggles. Overall, Brannagh strongly believes that by sharing your story you can show someone they are not alone.

Brannagh and Diya launched YANA LV (You Are Not Along Lehigh Valley) on WDIY in March of 2024.