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Tuesday, 7-9 pm, Dave Fry features archived sets from Danny Weiss and Barry Mitterhoff ('84), Dar Williams ('18), The Arrogant Worms ('00), David Bromberg ('17), and more.
Wednesday, 6 - 7 pm, Laurie Siebert welcomes guest Tim Roof, CFP®, Vice President at Valley National Financial Advisors, to discuss: “Volatility and the markets.”
Thursday at 11 pm, Bill Fox continues the Special Focus on Michael Brückner. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Muzikhala" disc 2 + new music by DASK on and by Dave Luxton.

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Shamus McGroggan

Martin Guitar's Dick Boak Discusses The Kingston Trio's Lasting Impact on Folk Classics

Longtime Martin Guitar archivist Dick Boak joins host Steve Aaronson in the WDIY studio to tell us about his feature in the new issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine discussing the Kingston Trio's lasting impact on American music and culture.

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Derek Redmond, Paul Campbell

Richie Havens Recounts His Legendary Woodstock Performance on Folk Classics

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival, Steve Aaronson digs into the Folk Classics archives for an interview with celebrated singer-songwriter Richie Havens, recorded in 2009 before Havens' performance in Reading, PA.

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Kamran Afshar discusses the results of the latest quarterly economic survey of Lehigh Valley businesses with leaders from the area's business community.

Greg Capogna

Greg Capogna continues his look at the many corners of the Lehigh Valley through the eyes of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber and its affiliates with Liz Martin, Major Events Director for The Chamber, and Nate Kline, Chamber Ambassador and Senior Account Executive for Infradapt I.T. Services.

Economic Pulse: Week of 8/16/19

Aug 16, 2019
Shamus McGroggan

Dr. Kamram Afshar presents a synopsis of the week's economic news with a detailed look at trends in the Lehigh Valley and the nation.

On the Next Galactic Travels™ 2019-08-22

Aug 16, 2019
Galactic Travels™ logo
Bill Fox / WDS Productions

The latest show's playlist (August 15 - show #1167) is available for your inspection. On the next Galactic Travels™, the month-long Special Focus on Michael Brückner continues.

At the Movies: The Lion King

Aug 15, 2019

Disney's new computer-animated adaptation of its 1994 classic film is setting box office records but does it live up to the hype? Paul Willistein of the Lehigh Valley Press  reviews the musical adventure.


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China's Foreign Ministry has confirmed that an employee of Britain's Hong Kong consulate was detained nearly two weeks ago during a business trip to the mainland.

Although consulate officials suspected he'd been detained by Chinese authorities, Cheng's exact whereabouts had been unknown to family and friends since he disappeared on Aug. 8 in Shenzhen, a city in China's Guangdong province just across the border from Hong Kong.

From one Gen Z-er to the next, Billie Eilish has officially replaced Lil Nas X at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Eilish's haunting pop song "bad guy" has officially ended the 19-week streak of "Old Town Road" at No. 1.

To some, Republican Sen. John McCain embodied principles of a bygone Washington: He sought common ground; he reached across the political divide; he had close friendships with Democrats.

His wife, Cindy McCain, would like to try to get back to those days. So to mark a year since her husband died of brain cancer, she is encouraging Americans to be more civil.

"We're missing John's voice of reason right now in so many ways," McCain tells NPR's David Greene.

Following the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Congress is considering a bill that would encourage states to pass red flag laws. Members of Congress may want to study Florida, where it's been in place for a year and a half.

Since it was adopted there, courts have approved some 2,500 risk protection orders. That's nearly five every day, more than any other state. The Florida law allows police, acting with court approval, to temporarily seize weapons from people deemed to be at risk of harming themselves or others.

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