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Tuesday in the 6 and 8 am hours, a genealogy website launches a new feature that makes old photographs move and social media has gone crazy over it.
Tuesday at 1 pm, Bill Dautremont-Smith celebrates the start of Women's History Month with an afternoon of music with lots of female vocalists, musicians, and songwriters.
Tuesday in the 5 pm hour, over the past year, Bitcoin has soared as investors pile in on "fear or missing out." But skeptics contend it's a speculative bubble that will burst.
Tuesday at 6 pm, On the Media introduces a new series by OTM's Alana Casanova-Burgess called "La Brega" about the Puerto Rican experience.
Tuesday at 7 pm, Dave Fry features a special set with the late Peter Ostroushko along with Danny Gotham from 2009. Also, archived sets from Rory Block, Tish Hinojosa and more.

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Penn State's Dr. Kimberly Blockett | LV Discourse

John Pearce looks at the fascinating story of 19th cenutry African American preacher, Mrs. Zilpha Elaw, with guest Dr. Kimberly Blockett, Associate Professor of English at Penn State Brandywine who has written two books on her compelling story.

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The Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters (PAB) has announced that WDIY's Teen Scientist has won the 2021 Excellence in Broadcasting Award for Outstanding Public Affairs Program/Series.

On the Next Galactic Travels™ 2021-03-04

Feb 26, 2021
Galactic Travels™ logo
Bill Fox / WDS Productions

The latest show's playlist (February 25 - show #1243) is available for your inspection. On the next Galactic Travels™, the month-long Special Focus on BK&S begins. The Featured CD at Midnight will be  "Project" with  Bernd Braun.

WDIY's Top 10 Albums of January 2021

Feb 24, 2021

2021 at WDIY kicked off with some new favorites and old classics on-air for our listeners. Check out the full list below to see which artists fought their way into 2021, which ones got left behind, and who the new faces are in our monthly line-up!

City of Bethlehem Facebook page

WDIY’s Sarit Laschinsky speaks with Vicky Kistler, Director of the Allentown Health Bureau, and Kristen Wenrich, Director of the Bethlehem Health Bureau about the status of ongoing COVID-19 vaccine rollouts in the Lehigh Valley, vaccine shortages and other challenges, and efforts being made by both bureaus to ensure an equitable immunization distribution to all communities.

Economic Pulse: Week of 2/19/21

Feb 23, 2021

Dow Jones industrial average rose by more than 7% as the economy shrunk 3.5% in 2020. Dr. Kamran Afshar looks at this and more in the week's economic news for the Lehigh Valley.

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Matt Smith / WHYY

Fracking for natural gas is now banned in Northeast Pennsylvania and southern New York state. The Delaware Reiver Basin Commission voted Thursday to make permanent a long-standing, de-facto moratorium on gas drilling. WHYY StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Susan Phillips reports the move comes after a decade of debate and research.

Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

Pennsylvania’s public school students haven’t taken state standardized tests in nearly two years, and it might be another six months before that streak ends. WHYY Keystone Crossroads’ Avi Wolfman-Arent has the details on what that means for pandemic learning.

Sebastian Coman Photography

Taste and smell are integral senses that guide professional chefs as they build flavor in their dishes. Restaurant chefs taste their food throughout the recipe-making process and rely on aroma.

But over the past year, their noses and mouths have been covered by a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19. WHYY’s Zoe Read reports on how they’ve adjusted.

Steven Cornfield

Nurses in Pennsylvania say they are taking care of too many patients at one time, and want the legislature to step in. Last Tuesday, nurses and some lawmakers announced a legislative solution. WHYY’s Kenny Cooper has more.

Ian Hutchinson

The U.S. Supreme Court has officially declined to hear the last, lingering lawsuits regarding Pennsylvania’s 2020 election process. WHYY’s Katie Meyer reports in their decision, justices didn’t give a rationale for the move.

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The Biden administration, signaling a tougher stance on Russia than under the Trump White House, announced Tuesday new sanctions targeting seven senior Kremlin officials in response to last year's poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Senior administration officials, speaking to reporters on a conference call, said the sanctions also include export controls on 14 parties — nine Russian, three German and one Swiss, and one government research institute. The names of the sanctioned officials and entities will be announced Tuesday afternoon, the officials said.

Updated at 10:20 a.m. ET

Vernon Jordan, the civil rights lawyer who built a career as a power broker in politics and business, has died at age 85.

Jordan "passed away peacefully last evening surrounded by loved ones," his daughter, Vickee Jordan, said in a statement sent to NPR. "We appreciate all of the outpouring of love and affection."

For anyone who has purchased a pair of shoes online, only to be immediately pursued across the Internet by enthusiastic algorithms exclaiming that we will love exactly the same pair of shoes (which is, technically speaking, true), the globe-spanning future of 2095 that Machinehood presents through the eyes of two women caught in its web feels disconcertingly logical.

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The red-cockaded woodpecker has been listed as endangered for more than half a century, but that could soon change.

In the final months of the Trump administration, federal wildlife officials started a process to downgrade its status to "threatened."

Conservation groups say science doesn't support the move, and that it could undermine gains made in part with the help of unusual public-private partnerships that have taken decades of work and millions of dollars.

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