Saturday at 4 pm, Jack Adams talks with Chambersburg, PA-based blues guitarist Skyla Burrell about her performance at this year’s Lehigh River Blues Jam on January 26.
Thursday 11 pm, Bill Fox continues the Special Focus on Andy Pickford. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "Xenomorph," plus new music by Menzman & Friends on Manikin Records.

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New Bethany Ministries' Changing Leadership on LV Discourse

A change in leadership is coming to New Bethany Ministries on Bethlehem's southside. John Pearce welcomes outgoing executive director Diane Elliott, Esq. and incoming executive director Marc Rittle to discuss New Bethany's work with the community.

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Editor's note: This report includes images that some readers may find offensive.

In a quiet college town — the fictional town of Santa Lora, in southern California — one by one, students fall victim to a bizarre contagious disease. They fall into a deep sleep, and don't wake up. In fact, some will never wake up. And the disease spreads throughout the town, quickly and indiscriminately.

NPR's Melissa Block talks to Neyla Pekarek, formerly of The Lumineers, about her debut solo album, Rattlesnake, which was inspired by an actual frontierswoman named "Rattlesnake Kate."

A gasoline pipeline in the Mexican state of Hidalgo exploded Friday evening, killing more than 60 people and leaving many more injured. The pipeline had been illegally tapped by gasoline thieves.

The federal government's failure to pay its workers during the shutdown has caused hardship for many. Economist Joseph Stiglitz tells NPR's Melissa Block why so many have no savings to fall back on.

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