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News and Public Affairs Director

Responsibilities include on-air reporting, writing local attributed news scripts, editing, public affairs programming, and website maintenance. Send resume to hr@wdiy.org.

Public Affairs Editing/Recording (50%)
- Board work/recording of public affairs programming
- Editing/producing show audio
- Scheduling/coordinating recording sessions for public affairs shows
- Communicating/brainstorming concepts with volunteer hosts.
- Identifying evergreen/fill-in programming to cover gaps

Local News Content Production (20%)
- Creating short wraps/feature pieces about local news in the Lehigh Valley (based on recorded press conferences, releases, etc.)

News Writing (10%)
- Writing local attributed, headline news scripts for morning and afternoon on-air hosts.
Putting together statewide news wraps/features for use on-air.

Website Maintenance (10%)
- Uploading public affairs programming, news features, and other content to WDIY’s website.

Regular/Fill-in Hosting (10%)
- Covering on-air openings for Morning Edition, Fresh Air, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition

LCVBA/WDIY is an equal opportunity employer