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The Inside Dish is where you can explore the culinary, distillery, and the winery arts in and around the Lehigh Valley including interviews with restaurantuers, chefs, farmers and festival organizers. Join Mike Drabenstott, host of your gastronomic tour of our regions amazing food and beverage scene.

Host Michael Drabenstott welcomes Mark Will-Weber, author of Mint Juleps With Teddy Roosevelt, who shares the enlightening and the sometimes amusing history of presidential drinking.

Host Michael Drabenstott welcomes Tim Balshi, owner of Seasons Olive Oil and Vinegar Taproom in downtown Bethlehem, who talks about how high-quality extra-virgin olive oil is made and the qualities that make it special.

For the first edition of The Inside Dish for 2021, Michael Drabenstott welcomes Mandy Tolino, general manager of Tolino Vineyards in Bangor, to talk about their wines, nurturing their land and the growing wine scene in the Lehigh Valley.

Pacific Palm Bistro's Frank Winhtut | The Inside Dish

Dec 8, 2020
Pacific Palm Bistro

For the December edition of The Inside Dish, Michael Drabenstott welcomes Frank Winhtut, owner of Pacific Palm Bistro on Union Boulevard in Allentown, a Burmese restaurant that opened in 2020.

For the December edition of The Inside Dish, Michael Drabenstott welcomes Tim Delaney, owner of Full Circle Edible Landscaping, who helps individuals and small businesses plan, plant and manage their vegetable gardens.

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Host Michael Drabenstott welcomes Jonathan Davis, co-owner of Pearly Baker’s Alehouse, which has been a restuarant fixture in downtown Easton since 1994.

Host Michael Drabenstott talks with Chris McCall, co-founder with his wife, Kaitlin, of McCall Collective Brewing Company, a brewery that opened in 2020 on Susquehanna Street in southeastern Allentown.

Matt and Christie Vymazal from Southside Bethlehem's Flying V restaurant (and food truck) share the secrets of perfect poutine and other Canadian food delights.

Host Michael Drabenstott talks with Stefanie Angstadt owner of Valley Milkhouse in the Oley Valley area of Berks County, who talks about artisan cheesemaking.

Host Michael Drabenstott talks about the design, use and benefits of cast iron cookware with guests from  Stargazer Cast Iron in Allentown, founder and CEO Peter Huntley and director of marketing Stu Shank.