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Keith Kelleher

Program Host

Keith Kelleher has hosted The Blend on Wednesdays since July of 2005.  He started volunteering at WDIY in 2002 and has assisted with the Live From Godfrey Daniels program and filled in for Friday Night Late Night and Good Clean Fun. Keith started his radio career at WLVR at Lehigh University as part of the community staff doing an evening Jazz program in the early to mid '80s.  Keith also was the Music Director at WNCC at NCACC during that time and left to continue his studies at Temple University in Philadelphia where he did a stint at the well-known 'Point' of Jazz WRTI in 1984-85. 

Taking a break from radio, Keith studied film and television at Temple and worked on several major studio films and for the ESPN network from the mid 80's to the mid 90's.  While answering phones for the long-time quiet weekend program Sleepy Hollow at WXPN in Philadelphia, he took a call from the late Mike Space who had volunteered at WDIY while also booking acts for Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem. Mike suggested to Keith to  volunteer at WDIY and Keith has happily been a fixture at WDIY ever since.  He also, since early 2014, is one of the hosts of said program, Sleepy Hollow, at WXPN on Sunday mornings playing quiet, eclectic tracks for folks to rouse them from their slumber.