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WDIY New Music Spotlight: M. Ward - 'Migration Stories'

ANTI- Records
Portland, Oregon-based musician M. Ward released his 10th studio album, 'Migration Stories,' via ANTI- Records on April 3, 2020. WDIY Blend host Keith Kelleher reflects on the release.

M. Ward returns with a new release entitled 'Migration Stories'- a triptych and conceptual collection of songs about human migration and the feelings around it. Ballads and some pop gems amid the cool, pleasant production that touches on sounds of the western experience amid some sci-fi leaning undercurrents. 
Recorded in Montreal with members of the Arcade Fire circle helps with signature styles of an M. Ward production; gentle guitar fingerpicked with big open sounding vistas of the past and washes of synth in the background. Start with the upbeat single 'Unreal City' before digging deeper for a ruminative and calming session of listening.  Enjoy!!

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