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WDIY New Music Spotlight: Margaret Glaspy - 'Devotion'

ATO Records
New York City singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy released her latest album, 'Devotion', on March 27 through ATO Records.

Margaret Glaspy returns with a new disc since her 2016's 'Emotions and Math' which was an intimate stab at 70's singer-songwriter era rock with a nervy, edgy, modern delivery.  2020's 'Devotion' is a change in her MO with a lush and diverse approach that includes stabs at experimental atmospherics. 
Electronic beats with a piano and keyboard are the focus of many of the songs of this effort. The guitar is still there but takes a backseat to some of the tracks with the new sound.  A good path forward from a burgeoning young talent who will surely be playing her new tunes live when we return to somewhat 'normal' times.  Happy Listening!!

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