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Galactic Travels™: The Special Focus for July, 2024

Dino Pacifici
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Dino Pacifici

On Galactic Travels™, the Special Focus for July, 2024 is Dino Pacifici.

Dino Pacifici of Montreal began his musical studies at the age of five, concentrating on classical guitar and began composing at the age of 13. After earning his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, Dee went on to work in multiple genres including ambient music. Dee has spent many years studying, recording, and performing, expanding his musical horizons, becoming proficient with bass, keyboards, programming of electronic instruments, as well as his first love, the guitar. In 1997, Dee released "The Journey" which began his adventure into recording ambient/space compositions. To date, Dee has recorded over 25 albums in many genres, including Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Space, Chill-Out, Rock, Pop, and Dance.

Bill Fox has hosted Galactic Travels on WDIY continuously since January 23, 1997.
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