Sarit Laschinsky

Program Host

Sarit "Siri" Laschinsky is a rotating host for WDIY's local broadcast of Fresh Air on Monday and Tuesdays from 12 to 1 PM. He also is a volunteer contributing writer and reporter for WDIY News. 

Bethlehem Food Co-Op

Bethlehem will soon welcome a new community-owned grocery store into a northside neighborhood. The  achievement is more than a decade in the making for the Bethlehem Food Co-Op, a collection of over 800 member households. WDIY News' Sarit Laschinsky reports.

Host Sarit Laschinsky explores the impact of COVID-19 on South Whitehall Township and the impact of a recent $1.5 million gift to Meals on Wheels of the Greater Lehigh Valley.

Sarit Laschinsky explores how college student engagement may be a major factor in upcoming and future elections with Chuck Black, PA Coordinator for the Campus Vote Project, committed to removing barriers for youth and student voting.

Kyle Ropski photography by Marco Calderon

Sarit Laschinsky takes a closer look at Lehigh Valley College and University efforts to politically engage students, which could make a difference in upcoming and future elections. Featuring David Owolabi from Hawk the Vote, Lulu Kirtchuk of Lafayette Votes, and Kyle Ropski of BergVotes.

Sarit Laschinsky

WDIY provides a look into the duties and perspectives of the workers and volunteers on the ground during election day featuring Tim Benyo, Chief Clerk for Lehigh County, and Susan Keller, Judge of Elections for Lower Macungie Township, District 2.

Sarit Laschinsky

Sarit Laschinsky reports on the emergency meeting of the Lehigh County Board of Elections to consider drop boxes for county voters to submit mail-in ballots.

Sarit Laschinsky

WDIY News' Sarit Laschinsky brings you exclusive coverage of the recent Representative Roundtable on Criminal Justice held at the Life Church at St. Paul's in Allentown on August 28, 2020, featuring Rep. Peter Schweyer; Rep. Michael Schlossberg; and Rep. Jordan Harris, the Democratic Minority Whip.