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Financial Literacy at the Heart of WDIY's Sanika Kothari's Talk During TEDxParklandHighSchool

Combatting the Financial Education Pandemic | Sanika Kothari | TEDxParklandHighSchool

The first-ever TEDxParklandHighSchool was held in late March of this year. Featuring talks centered around the theme of "Building a Better World," Sanika Kothari used this platform to advocate for financial literacy, a significant problem across the world, and build awareness about this topic in society, encouraging the audience to be proactive and learn personal finance.

Brought to stage in a short span of two weeks, the event featured nine youth speakers and brought an audience of 75+ people from around the community.

Sanika also hosts the Teen Money Matters radio show right here on WDIY with her brother Jay to spread the message about personal finance education.

Sanika is a senior at Parkland High School, with a passion to give all people the necessary financial education they need to be on the right path for financial stability in the future. She co-founded Money Matters to provide students with this education of financial literacy.
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