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"Pandamonium" at the Lehigh Valley Zoo | WDIY Local News

Lehigh Valley Zoo
Contributed Photo

It’s PANDAMONIUM at the Lehigh Valley Zoo as they prepare to welcome their newest residents – red pandas.

A press release announced the zoo’s plans for a brand new habitat on their Schnecksville property. The area is set to be finished and livable sometime in 2024.

The zoo is remodeling the area that was previously used to house their North American prairie dogs. This new habitat is expected to “stand the test of time” and meet the standards of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, or the AZA for short.

Amanda Shurr, President and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Zoo, stated that there’s excitement about looking toward the future. She announced that they intend to introduce multiple species native to Asia, with red pandas leading the way and more new members of their “zoo family” to come.

The LV Zoo plans to focus on integrating mostly animals native to the Himalayan region of Asia because they would be able to adjust to the climate here in the Lehigh Valley.

Conservation has always been a main goal of the Lehigh Valley Zoo. They hope that giving red pandas, who are currently listed as endangered, a safe and stable home will support that goal. Zoo-goers will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of wildlife conservation, protecting endangered species, and the beauty of having a unique resident in the beloved local zoo.

The habitat will be built through close work between the zoo and the AZA, the zoo’s accrediting body. Construction and relocation of the new animals will align with their Species Survival Plan.

James is the News and Public Affairs Director for WDIY. He reports on stories in the Lehigh Valley and across the state which impact the region, along with managing WDIY's volunteers who help create the station's diverse line-up of public affairs programs.
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