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Dorney Park Places First Tracks for New Coaster | WDIY Local News

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
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Preparation for the newest roller coaster at Allentown’s Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is over and the fun part can begin.

A press release announced that construction of the highly-anticipated ride, Iron Menace, is underway. Construction crews have already started positioning the first pieces of the ride’s station this week, marking what the park is referring to as “a significant advancement in the project.”

Iron Menace will be the region’s first dive roller coaster, with heart-pounding drops, inversions, and exhilarating speeds. The ride will begin in the remains of an old steel mill before climbing 160 feet to the top of the beyond-vertical first drop. With this first fall, riders will begin a journey through four inversions, one of which is the first tilted loop to ever be featured on a dive coaster.

The roller coaster’s “hold and dive” element will leave riders hanging on the edge of their seats and its wild flips, inversions, and spins will have them feeling weightless and wondering which way is up.

The placement of the first pieces of steel track are bringing the vision of the ride closer to reality. Jessica Naderman, General Manager and Vice President of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, emphasized that the latest steps are a “testament to the hard work and dedication” of the park’s team.

Iron Menace is the first roller coaster to be built at Dorney Park in 19 years. It will join a beloved lineup of more than 60 world-class rides.

James is a news reporter for WDIY as well as a rotating host of Morning Edition, Fresh Air, and All Things Considered.
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