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"A Reason to Do Better, Not an Excuse to Do Worse" with Kyle Edwards | Young Valley Leaders

This Young Valley Leader believes that "life at its longest is very short."

On this episode, Louis Holzman talks with Kyle Edwards, founder and CEO of A True L.O.V.E. Story, LLC., Inkwell, LLC., and The Market by ATLS. They talk about his mural work on a local, regional, and international level, from the Da Vinci Science Center to the Philadelphia Eagles and even a school in Nicaragua.

Kyle emphasizes his constant motivation and need to be around doers and "why not" people, as well as the belief that if you take the first step toward a goal, the next step is always illuminated.

You can also watch this episode on Spotify, or you can listen on Apple Podcast and NPR.org.

Young Valley Leaders brings you monthly discussions with the Lehigh Valley's upcoming movers and shakers, the young leaders making it happen for themselves and their community. New episodes air live the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM following At the Movies.

(Original air-date: 4/8/24)

Louis Holzman is the host of Young Valley Leaders on WDIY.
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