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🎉 Thanks to everyone who came out to WDIY's Family Fun Day — Groovin' in the Grove. Here's to 29 years of WDIY! 🥳

Geoff Chambers

Program Host

Geoff brings together his love of radio, music, volunteerism and the Lehigh Valley every Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm on All Reet Street. He began hosting the show in 2001 and over time has developed a unique format of new and classic folk, blues, bluegrass, folk rock and swing.

Geoff grew up in a "radio family." His father was a professionally trained announcer and station manager, a circumstance that brought an ample supply of toys into the household: turntables, tape recorders, microphones and records. In the mid-1980s, he began producing radio programs at Muhlenberg College's WMUH with the Lehigh Valley Community Broadcasters Association and a decade later, was on the LVCBA team that helped launch WDIY. A writer by trade, Geoff is also a volunteer editor for Wikipedia, where he specializes in music and Lehigh Valley history.