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Fury Anderson

Program Host

Fury Anderson (aka Deejay Byg Fury) is one of those unsung pioneers you may have (or may not) heard about. Originally from Queens but now currently residing in Allentown, he is a DJ as well as a veteran emcee (professionally known under the moniker Cee-Rock "The Fury"), writer, producer, beatboxer, actor, networker and radio host.

He has been touring back and forth overseas since 1997 and rocked many stages around the world including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania and even South Africa. He was featured in numerous magazines and co-signed by legendary music pioneers/legends in the game. He's collaborated on music projects that charted, and was even featured on an album that was nominated for a Swedish Grammy!

He also has his own record label imprint called !Handzup! Network, and now hosts Myxxin Up Da Bag, Y'all! (#MyxxinUpDaBagYall), stirring up a variety of music genres (as well as cutting/scratching techniques) and creating a musical 'gumbo' for everyone to dig into and appreciate!

Let's all take this ride together and enjoy the #MUDBY show!