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Local Thoughts on the Presidential Emmaus Visit | WDIY Local News

I’m in the borough of Emmaus on a very special day. President Joe Biden is visiting this town in the southwest corner of Lehigh County. He will be meeting with small business owners in some of the businesses in Emmaus. I had the chance to walk around and talk to some of the people who came to see him.

So, what brings you out here today?

“Obviously to see the President. It’s an exciting day in Emmaus that he’s visiting us. It’s a wonderful community so it’s exciting to share it.”

“Yes, and my name is Kathy Harrington and I’m the President of the Lehigh Valley for All, which is a grassroots movement here in both Lehigh and Northampton Counties.”

“Well, I feel like Biden’s not getting a fair shake because he has done so much for the country, he’s probably been the best president we’ve ever had, and yet all the narrative and all the social media and some of the news networks are just putting out lies and depicting him as something that he’s really not. And I just feel like he needs to hear that we all support him.”

“Well, I don’t like the President. I’m here just to see him cause he is the President. But I disagree with almost all of his policies. I disagree with his border policy, I disagree with Bidenomics, I disagree with his use of fuel in the United States, I disagree with his inflation that he’s caused, I think he’s primarily responsible for all of those things.”

“I would like to see the President come to Emmaus. I think it’s exciting. It’s kind of awesome that he chose to come here being that he’s a big union guy and this was a big union area. And also, that he’s kind of a religious person and it was founded my Moravians, so I think it’s pretty apropos.”

“I’m here because I believe in everybody’s human rights. And as a woman, especially a woman’s right to choose.”

“Well, I am a long-time resident of Emmaus and I am so honored that President Biden is coming to visit our town, and I’m also just super thankful for all of President Biden’s support of Ukraine.”

“I teach up at the Emmaus High School, social studies, so I’m here to witness history and see the President come to our hometown.”

In addition to having a wide variety of political views there is also a wide variety of ages, including these two kindergartners.

So Libby, why are you here today? “Um, because I want to see the President.” And Charlotte, why are you here today? “I want to see the President.”

The crowd now is moving toward Third Street as the motorcade makes its way down Third.

This is a special day in Emmaus as no president has ever visited this small borough. I can hear the helicopter now over my head. I can hear the sirens coming.

About 15 motorcycle police just went through the intersection of Third Street and Main.

And, I see the Presidential motorcade coming through right now. President Biden is in one of those vehicles. About seven black SUVs went through in the motorcade, now followed by more vehicles. And the motor continues. I’m guessing about 25 to 30 vehicles have passed through this intersection. The crowd is pretty enthusiastic watching the circle of policeman on motorcycles making sure that no one gets into the street as the motorcade goes through.

For WDIY news, I’m Mike Flynn in Emmaus.

Mike Flynn is the local host for WDIY's Thursday broadcast of NPR's All Things Considered.
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