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Galactic Travels: The Special Focus for March, 2016

Special Focus on Galactic Travels™
Bill Fox
WDS Productions

On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for March is Amongst Myselves.

Amongst Myselves is Steve Roberts of Australia.  He was first drawn into electronic and atmospheric music by Tangerine Dream's "Atem" and "Alpha Centauri."  His journey continued in the '90s with influences from Future Sound of London, Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Aphex Twin, and Brian and Roger Eno.  Coupled with advances in computer-based synths, he took a great interest in the ambient.

After releasing a new-age styled album 1999, it was Steve's more ambient follow up "Still Life" in 2001 from which "Ultima Thule" radio chose a track to use for theme music.

Steve's music has appeared on compilations by AquaFM and Ultima Thule alongside Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story and Numina. Other appearances include EuCuE Concert Series XXVII of electro-accoustic concerts and Roger Mills' project "Idea of South" sound installation at the Loop Gallery in Newcastle.

"Fragments" is a very ambient remix of his previous three albums and was nominated for "Best Electronic" and "Best Ambient" album for 2010 in the annual Zone Music awards.

Amongst Myselves (a.k.a. Steve Roberts), the Special Focus for March, 2016.

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