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Galactic Travels: The Special Focus for April, 2016

Special Focus on Galactic Travels™
Bill Fox
WDS Productions

On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for April is Cyberchump.

Cyberchump is the electro-organic duo of Jim Skeel and Mark G.E. They explore aural soundscapes of rhythm and moment. Subterrainian atmospherics give way to driving space melodies, at once a mix of science beats, ambient texture, and cinematic themes.

The duo's music evokes place, time, and mood, utilizing the studio as an instrument to enhance traditional organic instruments. Jim tends to focus on electric guitar and keyboards. Mark tends to work with bass and keyboards.

They count Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and Robert Fripp among their influences. Their interests include cinema, exploration, and moving forward.

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