Shamus McGroggan

Host John Pearce welcomes architect Paul Felder to discuss Easton's new conservation districts which are preserving older buildings in the city's neighborhoods as well as Sonya Thiel from the award-winning Goodspeed Musicals Theater in Connecticut who gives us a behind-the-scences look at the theater.

Easton Book Festival on LV Arts Salon

Oct 24, 2019
Shamus McGroggan

Hosts George Miller and Kate Scuffle welcome the founders of the upcoming Easton Book Festival, Rebecca Migdal and Andy Laties.

Taira Datetaira

Hollis Ashby, Artistic and Executive Director of the Performance Series at the Williams Center for the Arts, talks with host Kenn Michael to preview the upcoming 2019-20 season of the longtime Lafayette College artistic hub.

Interfaith Coalitions on Take Charge of Your Life

Feb 15, 2019
Trinity Episcopal Church

Eleanor Bobrow welcomes guests from Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton for a discussion on interfaith coalitions and creating a sense of respect and appreciation in our community regardless of religious affiliation.

Michael Drabenstott continues his gastronomic tour of the Lehigh Valley with Missy Walters who owns Baked, a small neighborhood café and bakery on Main Street in Emmaus. The café is located two blocks away from Emmaus' triangle.

Dr. Weiner reminisces about his 50 years at Lafayette College and talks about the school’s outreach to Easton today.

Michael Drabenstott speaks with Megan McBride, Director of the Easton Market District, which manages the Easton Farmer's Market and Easton Public Market.

The city of Easton during Prohibition (1920-33) is our topic. Host John Pearce welcomes local historian Richard Hope, the author of "The Little Apple: Easton, PA During Prohibition." 

Exploring the Karl Stirner Arts Trail on LV Arts Salon

Nov 6, 2018

Host Silagh White invites you to take an adventure to the Karl Stirner Arts Trail in Easton, PA with guests Rachel Hogan Carr, Executive Director of the Nurture Nature Center and Jim Toia, Director of Community Based Teaching at Lafayette College.

WDIY's 3rd Annual Homebrew Fest Winners on LV Arts Salon

Oct 3, 2018

Host Bill Dautremont-Smith talks with the winning homebrewing team from WDIY's 3rd Annual Homebrew Fest this past summer, Bill and Stephanie Hapenovich, as well as representatives from Two Rivers Brewing Company in Easton: head brewer Josh Bushey and co-owner Troy Reynard.