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Judge Nick Englesson and the Workings of the Magisterial Court System | Charla Comunitaria

On this episode of Charla Comunitaria, Olga Negron talks with her husband, Magisterial District Judge Nick Englesson about the work that goes on in the magisterial court system, and how to be better prepared if - or when - you have to go before a district judge.

They talk about how Nick's court handles language barriers, the details surrounding traffic tickets and landlord/tenant issues, and more. Most of us will never be in front of one, but we can be better allies to our friends and neighbors if we have the right information.

Charla Comunitaria features interviews and conversations which explore the Lehigh Valley's growing and thriving Latin American community. Catch new episodes the fourth Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:00 PM following Perspectives.

(Original air-date: 12/22/22)

Olga was the first elected Latina Councilwoman in the City of Bethlehem and for many years has been a force in the Lehigh Valley community as a member of several organizations in Pennsylvania. She is also the Office Manager and Community Liaison for HGSK Law Firm. Olga is a well-known public servant regarded as the guardian angel of the underdog, always fighting for justice, righting wrongs, empowering women and girls, and being the steady voice of the voiceless. She is happily married to District Magistrate Judge Nicholas Englesson.
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