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Galactic Travels™ Top 20 Report for June, 2021

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Bill Fox
WDS Productions

WDIY 88.1 FM Galactic Travels™ Top 20 for June, 2021.

Shows #1257 to #1260; 3-June-2021 to 24-June-2021. Reported in non-ranked, alphanumeric order. Compiled by Bill Fox.
This report is also available at the Galactic Travels™ website.

The Special Focus for May was Colin Rayment.

B. Wostheinrich and T. Motzer - Live at Radio RSD - Iapetus Music
Beyond Berlin - Epiphany - Groove Unlimited
Colin Rayment - Abstract Dimensions - SynGate
Colin Rayment - Architects of Orion - SynGate
Colin Rayment - Beyond the Aurora - SynGate
Colin Rayment - Morula - none
Deborah Martin and Jill Haley - The Silence of Grace - Spotted Peccary
Erik Wøllo - North Star - Projekt
F.D. Project - The Other Side of...and More... - Groove Unlimited
Fusion of Elements - Sessions in the Quantum Field - SynGate
Gydja - Ár var alda - Winter-Light
Ian Boddy and Markus Reuter - Outland - DiN
Johan Agebjörn and Mikael Ögren - Artefact - Spotted Peccary
La Ponto Ensemblo - Ishmael/at Quintessence - none
La Ponto Ensemblo - The CERN Diaries - none
Nemesis and Juha-Matti Rautiainen - Off the Map - none
Penterakt - Conquest of the Moon - Belgian NeuMusik
Syndromeda - The Path of Isolation - SynGate
Volker Lankow - Plains of Disorientation - Iapetus Music
Volker Lankow - Weird Journeys - Iapetus Music

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This month's Special Focus.

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