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Galactic Travels: The Special Focus for July, 2016

Special Focus on Galactic Travels™
Bill Fox
WDS Productions

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On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for July is vidnaObmana and Asmus Tietchens.

Learn what it means to recycle as vidnaObmana recycles music by Asmus Tietchens.

The Serbo-Croatian phrase "vidna obmana" means "optical illusion" which is why vidnaObmana chose it to be his musical personna. This indicates his willingness to try new processes, sounds, and musical styles. One of the top three most respected and prolific composers/performers in the ambient field, vidnaObmana's internationally acclaimed atmospheric soundscapes have made him a sought after performer and collaborator.

Asmus Tietchens is a German composer of avant-garde music. He became interested in experimental music and musique concrète as a child and began recording sound experiments in 1965 with electronic musical instruments, synthesizers and tape loops. In 1984, he began moving toward more abstract sound collages.

Asmus Tietchens
Asmus Tietchens


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