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Full Immersion: Bringing Lenape Culture to Life with Kelly Allen and Chief Adam Waterbear DePaul

Kate Scuffle welcomes Kelly Allen, Coordinator of the NCC East 40 program and NCC Professor of Writing, Literature, and Food Studies, and Chief Adam Waterbear DePaul, Tribal Storykeeper and Director of Education for the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania, to talk about the upcoming 'Homecoming: The Lenape Speak.' The one-day event will provide full immersion into Lenape culture, through educational presentations, culturally-inspired foods, demonstrations, and more.

Kelly and Adam talk about the importance of the event for the Lehigh Valley community, where the culture and history of the Lenape Nation, who once called the region their home, has been largely erased. They also discuss the importance of the event for the Lenape Nation itself, which was scattered by colonialism and will now have a chance to reconnect in their homeland.

'Homecoming: The Lenape Speak' takes place on NCC's Green Pond Road campus in Bethlehem on Saturday, July 27 from 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM. More information and registration can be found here.

Kate Scuffle is the host of Lehigh Valley Arts Salon and the Celtic Cultural Minute on WDIY. She is an administrator, producer, educator, writer and artist in the non-profit/arts communities.