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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Prasenjit Mitra & Dan Lopresti | Teen Connect

Penn State's Dr. Prasenjit Mitra (left) and Lehigh's Dan Lopresti (right)

Prathysha Kothare explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on our society and the role it plays at the intersection of social justice, human rights, and technology.

First, Prathysha talks with Dr. Prasenjit Mitra, Penn State Associate Dean for Research for the College of Information Sciences and Technology about the projects at PSU's Center for Socially Responsible AI.

Then, Prathysha invites computer science and engineering professor Dan Lopresti of Lehigh University to talk about the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) and their pursuit of innovative, high-impact computing research that aligns with pressing national and global challenges.

Teen Connect with host Prathysha Kothare explores local and global issues impacting teens and our community through connections with guests and their experience. Catch it Thursdays from 6:00 to 7:00 PM following All Things Considered.

(Original air-date: 5/6/21)

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