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Karla Bachl and Cathy Leiber Discuss the Power of Volunteering on Take Charge of Your Life

Karla Bachl (left) and Cathy Lieber (right)

This week's discussion focuses on the power of volunteering and how it can fulfill our lives after retirement. Eleanor Bobrow's guests are heavily involved in volunteer work and intimately familiar with the impact it can have on individuals.


Eleanor's first guest is Karla Bachl, the Director of Volunteer Services at Lehigh Valley Health Network, which consists of seven hospital campuses and a variety of other health services across the Lehigh Valley. Eleanor's second guest is Cathy Leiber, co-founder of Judith’s Reading Room, a 501(c)(3) organization in the memory of her husband Scott’s cousin, librarian Judith Krug. From her background, Cathy has been able to find renewed purpose and meaning through her volunteering efforts.

(Original air-date: 1/28/19)