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Lehigh Valley Beer Week (Pt. 1) on LV Arts Salon

(From left to right) Chris Wilson, Chris Bowen, Bill Dautremont-Smith, Jim Yergey

This week's topic is the art of brewing, as will be on show at the fifth Lehigh Valley Beer Week, starting this coming Saturday, Feb. 18. Host Bill Dautremont-Smith talks about the multi-location event with Chris Bowen, the new president of the LVBW organization as well as brewer, beer historian and beer writer, brewer Chris Wilson of Weyerbacher's where this year's signature beer is being produced, and brewer Jim Yergey, owner brewer of the recently opened Yergey Brewing and prior home brewer whose winning brew was the 2015 signature beer.

At the Movies: In “The Founder,” if you’re a Michael Keaton fan, you don’t want to miss his amazing turn as Ray Kroc, who bought out the McDonald brothers (portrayed by the excellent Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch) and took the fast-food Golden Arches to worldwide franchise fame and fortune. Paul Willistein of the Lehigh Valley Press reviews the fact-based biographical drama.
(Original air-date: 2/13/17)

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