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Shakespearean Insights: A New Category of Shakespearean Plays — Romances

 A collection of Shakespeare volumes in a library.
Julian Nortoft
A collection of Shakespeare volumes in a library.

Jason King Jones talks about how William Shakespeare's first collection of plays, the First Folio, have traditionally been divided into three categories: comedies, histories, and tragedies. But modern practitioners often list a fourth category for his plays that do not easily fit into the original paradigm — romances. These plays often feature the most complex characters and nuanced plots, including one being produced for the first time this year at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Cymbeline.

Ticket and information about Cymbeline at this year's festival can be found at the festival website.

Learn more about the legendary playwright, his performances, and more on Shakespearean Insights, produced in partnership with the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.

Jason King Jones is the host of Shakespearean Insights on WDIY. He is the Artistic Director of the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival.