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"Learning to Be Great Changed Me": A Conversation with Raoul "Great" McFall | Let's Talk

This episode's guest has spent years learning how to be a good example despite his circumstances.

Dr. Hasshan Batts has a deep conversation with Raoul "Great" McFall about his journey to earning his powerful nickname. They discuss the life that led him to prison, and the moment that he realized he had the responsibility to be great so his kids could be great, too.

Raoul also explains how the term "reentry" minimizes the weight of the struggles people face when returning to everyday life after incarceration.

Despite it all, Raoul has one goal: to become a motivational speaker so he can inspire others to be great.

Let's Talk delivers hard-hitting conversations focused on the tough topics and issues standing in the way of community progress. Listen in the second Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:00 PM.

(Original air-date: 2/8/24)

Dr. Hasshan Batts is the host of Let's Talk on WDIY. He is also the Director of Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley.
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