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What Is 'The Talk?' A Conversation with Julie, Marcus, and Mike Viglianti | Let's Talk

Dr. Hasshan Batts welcomes Mike and Julie Viglianti, along with their son Marcus, as his first guests on Let's Talk. This debut episode discusses "The Talk," a common practice in many households with various interpretations, but in a home with a young man of color...it takes on a whole new meaning.

Let's Talk delivers hard-hitting conversations focused on the tough topics and issues standing in the way of community progress. Listen in the second Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:00 PM following The Jennings Report.

(Original air-date: 1/13/22)

Dr. Hasshan Batts is the Director of Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley and is a content and context expert who works to uplift the voices of those most impacted, who possess the most intimate and creative solutions yet are most often ignored. He is a champion in the Lehigh Valley for trauma-informed care, restorative practices, reentry, community engagement and collective impact. Dr. Batts possesses a unique lens as someone with lived experience, as well as being a practitioner, nonprofit administrator, and community-based participatory researcher. He recently joined WDIY as a volunteer and host of Let's Talk.