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Using Public Land for Public Health with Allison Harvey and Susan Myerov | Plan Lehigh Valley

On this episode, Margaret McConnell and co-hosts Becky Bradley and Matt Assad of the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission talk with Susan Myerov of the LVPC and Allison Harvey of the Philadelphia office of OJB, a nationwide landscape and urban planning practice. They discuss the Green Transportation Infrastructure Project grant application that would mean greener-looking highways in the region.

The group discusses how green spaces along our most-traveled highways would help combat carbon emissions, reduce climate change effects, and maybe even limit aggressive driving. The approach, which they call "everything and a bag of chips," could be taken even further than just this intro project.

Residents can ask the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to select the LVPC's proposal for the grant by visiting lvpc.org.

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(Original air-date: 6/3/24)

Margaret McConnell is Executive Director of WDIY. She began her role in February, 2024.
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