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Talking About Mental Health with PHS MHA's Rishika Rohatgi, Jess Benninger and Jacquelyn Zolotsky | Perspectives

On a special "Teen" Perspectives with John Pearce, mental health takes center stage with a focus on theParkland High School Mental Health Awareness Club and student leaders Rishika Rohatgi and Jess Benninger, who started the organization with a mission to destigmatize the discussion of mental health within school communities and spread awareness about the variety and frequency of mental health disorders.

They sit down with Jacquelyn Zolotsky, an advisor and nurse Parkland High School to talk about the importance of these discussions and recent programs the PHS MHA has participated in to further the message.

(Original air-date: 4/7/22)

From the age of 9, John had his sights set on a career in broadcasting. But instead, he wound up teaching French and Spanish at Muhlenberg College for 40 years. Now, in retirement, John gets to call the mic and earphones his buddies at our studios in eclectic South Bethlehem. His signoff: "Remember to be gentle with your neighbor."
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