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Giving Chances to Succeed with Christopher Williamson | Charla Comunitaria

On this episode, Aurea Ortiz welcomes Christopher Williamson, Northampton County's Reentry Case Manager, to discuss the process for reentering normal life following incarceration.

They talk about the many outside organizations that work to provide returning citizens the necessary tools to succeed. With the help of these organizations, services and assistance are accessible to those wishing change upon re-entry to our community.

Charla Comunitaria features interviews and conversations which explore the Lehigh Valley's growing and thriving Latin American community. Catch new episodes the fourth Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:00 PM following Perspectives.

(Original air-date: 11/23/23)

Aurea Ortiz is the host of Charla Comunitaria.
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