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Galactic Travels: The Special Focus for March, 2017.

Special Focus on Galactic Travels™
Bill Fox
WDS Productions

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On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for March is VoLt.

VoLt is an electronic music duo from the UK consisting of Michael Shipway and Steve Smith. Originally in a Pop/Rock band called Hi-Fi, their interest in sampling and synthesized sound led them to form Artificial Intelligence. These bands were based upon composed music.

After composing three solo electronic albums on the Surreal to Real label and striving to write a fourth, it occurred to Michael that he and Steve had never tried to play music live and spontaneous with no prior arranging. Everything had always been carefully prepared, recorded, and edited to achieve the required result. Both Mike and Steve agreed it would be a good idea to try some sessions playing live in the studio with no pre-planned ideas except for some programmed sequencers. "The Far Canal" was recorded in three sessions and VoLt came into being.

VoLt, the Special Focus for March, 2017.

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