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The Special Focus for August, 2014.

Special Focus on Galactic Travels™
Bill Fox
WDS Productions

On Galactic Travels, the Special Focus for August is Juta Takahashi.  Juta Takahashi was born in Miyagi, Japan in 1959. As a teen, he was strongly influenced by Progressive Rock and synthesizer music. He went to school in Tokyo and his career as a musician started afterward. Although he started as a guitarist and played music in the style of King Crimson that valued improvisation, he gradually devoted himself to electronic music. He now resides in Sendai, Miyagi and is independently producing music using synthesizers and computers. Influenced by electronic/ambient musicians such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Vangelis, and the late Pete Namlook, his music is basically beautiful, calm, emotional and melodious. Sometimes aggressive sounds reminiscent of his musical roots are used. Since Juta-san prefers analog instruments over digital ones, his works are characterized by the former. His music composition method is based upon improvisation. His first commercial album was released in August, 2007.

Juta Takahashi
Juta Takahashi, the Special Focus for July, 2014.

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