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Philly’s Heralded Eviction Diversion Program Is Considered a Win-Win — For Most

Kimberly Payner
New housing (right) and old in Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood.

When a tenant stops paying rent, it typically ignites a battle that can leave a landlord without critical income for months. And eventually, turning to an attorney to file for an eviction. It’s a long and often painful process that can end with a visit from the Sheriff's Office and the tenant out on the street.

In the summer of 2020, a few months into the pandemic, Philadelphia launched a mandatory program designed to save both sides from that outcome. It requires landlords and tenants to spend 30 days trying to settle their dispute outside of court, before an eviction filing.

While some cases still ended up before a judge, many of them were resolved without one – often with the help of emergency rental assistance.

WHYY’s Aaron Moselle spoke to tenants and landlords to find out how the program has impacted them.

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(Original air-date: 12/20/22)

Aaron Moselle covers housing and community development for WHYY’s PlanPhilly, filing stories for both radio and web. He’s a city native and calls South Philadelphia home.