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Temple Professor Continues Long Legal Journey to Sue FBI for Wrongful Prosecution

Emma Lee
Xiaoxing Xi in his office at Temple University’s Science Education and Research Center.

On Wednesday, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia heard the case of a Temple University physics professor suing an FBI agent and the U.S. government. In 2015, the professor, who is Chinese-American, was arrested, and accused of selling trade secrets to China, only for the government's case to collapse months later.

This is part of a series of high-profile prosecutions of Chinese-American scientists in recent years. WHYY’s Alan Yu has more on what happened in court.

(Original air-date: 9/16/22)

Alan was all set on majoring in biology, but then he realized he liked writing about science more than doing research, so he left Hong Kong and went to study journalism in the U.S. After interning at NPR and WBEZ in Chicago, he has never wanted to work anywhere outside of public radio. He covers space and all other kinds of innovation. He enjoys comic books, LEGO, and dragon boating.