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On the Next Galactic Travels™ 2022-04-28

Bill Fox
WDS Productions

On the next Galactic Travels™, the month-long focus on Juta Takahashi continues. The Featured CD at Midnight will be Music for Urban Promenades II on Lunisolar Records.

You will also hear new music by Robert Schroeder on Spheric Music and by Paul Ellis andJared White on Groove Unlimited Records.

In addition to the previously posted announcement, Galactic Travels™ will celebrate the life and music of Klaus Schulze who passed away this week.

Klaus was a member of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, the Cosmic Jokers, and Go. His alter ego Wahnfried allowed for the exploration of some more mainstream genres. Klaus' music evolved from Krautrock through Berlin School and beyond. His influence will be felt for decades (at least) and his importance to electronic music and music history in general is undisputed.

The latest show's playlist (April 21 - show #1303) is available for your inspection.

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Galactic Travels™ is rebroadcast on WGRN-FM, "the Green Renaissance" in Columbus, Ohio, and on Modul303 internet radio from Germany.

Bill Fox has hosted Galactic Travels on WDIY continuously since January 23, 1997.
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