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Architect Paul Felder and Goodspeed Musicals' Sonya Thiel on LV Discourse

Host John Pearce welcomes architect Paul Felder to discuss Easton's new conservation districts which are preserving older buildings in the city's neighborhoods as well as Sonya Thiel from the award-winning Goodspeed Musicals Theater in Connecticut who gives us a behind-the-scences look at the theater.

In the first half of the program, architect Paul Felder tells us how Easton's neighborhoods have formed conservation districts to preserve old buildings, a large part of the charm of the city. They discussed a meeting of planners (which has since taken place) at the Easton Community Center. More information on the Easton Conservation Districts is available at their website.


In the second half of the program, guest Sonya Thiel, company manager apprentice at the famous Goodspeed Musicals in East Haddam, Connecticut, gives us a behind-the-scenes look at theater. Sonya describes what it's like to be on the production team and tells us what's involved in bringing a theater production to life.

(Original air-date: 10/24/2019)

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