Photographer Lydia Panas Previews Her 'Sleeping Beauty' Exhibit on LV Arts Salon

Feb 21, 2019

George Miller and Kate Scuffle welcome photographer Lydia Panas to discuss her new photography exhibit, 'Sleeping Beauty,' at Muhlenberg College's Martin Art Gallery in Allentown.

The women and girls in the photographs and videos are on the ground in a vulnerable position, yet they are alert and aware, highlighting the capacity for strength and knowledge that lies below the surface.

'Sleeping Beauty' is on display at the Martin Art Gallery at Muhleberg College between February 20 and April 13, 2019. More information on the exhibit is available at the Martin Art Gallery website. A preview of some of the 'Sleeping Beauty' photographs is available at Lydia Panas' website.

(Original air-date: 2/18/19)