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Different Forms of Income and Benefits with Shivam Patel and Daniel Banks | Teen Money Matters

Sanika and Jayaditya Kothari are back with a new episode of Teen Money Matters, this time for a conversation about income and benefits. First, they speak with Parkland High School freshman Shivam Patel about his experience and knowledge of income, finding a job and working as a teenager, and more.

Then, they welcome Daniel Banks, president of Silver Crest Insurance to shed some professional light on the different forms of earning income, the types of benefits that employees can receive, and tips to help young people save money for their future.

Teen Money Matters welcomes local teens and financial experts to talk about and explore ways to save, budget and understand the importance of managing money for the future. New episodes air on alternating first Thursdays of the month between 6:00 between 7:00 PM following All Things Considered.

(Original air-date: 3/2/23)

Sanika is a senior at Parkland High School, with a passion to give all people the necessary financial education they need to be on the right path for financial stability in the future. She co-founded Money Matters to provide students with this education of financial literacy.
Jayaditya is a junior at Parkland High School who wants to give the knowledge of financial literacy to all. His aim when co-founding Money Matters was to educate others to give them a more stable future.
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