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Giant Hand-Sized Spiders Could Be Migrating to DE, but Researchers Say Any Panic Is ‘Just Hype’

Joro Spider
Christina Butler
CC BY 2.0, Via Wikimedia Commons
Joro Spider

Reports of giant spiders as big as the palm of your hand have been circulating on social media this week, stirring up strong reactions those leery of our eight-legged friends. WHYY's Mark Eichmann has more on the new invasive species that could reach Delaware.

(Original air-date: 3/13/22)

Mark Eichmann has been covering news in Delaware for nearly 20 years. In addition to writing about Delaware for WHYY, Mark is deputy managing editor of WHYY’s Delaware desk in downtown Wilmington. Since starting at WHYY in 2008, he’s produced hundreds of stories for radio, TV, and web.