WDIY News' Marcie Lightwood speaks with U.S. Representative Susan Wild, PA-7, and Shirley Morganelli, Founder of Lehigh Valley ROAR, about the importance of grassroots political organizations and how their support can help local and national candidates succeed in the dawn of a newly-elected administration.

Live: 2020 Election Updates and Results

Nov 3, 2020

November 3 is the final voting day of the 2020 election. The presidency as well as several key Senate, House and gubernatorial races are on the line. Follow NPR’s live coverage and results as they come in.

Sarit Laschinsky

WDIY provides a look into the duties and perspectives of the workers and volunteers on the ground during election day featuring Tim Benyo, Chief Clerk for Lehigh County, and Susan Keller, Judge of Elections for Lower Macungie Township, District 2.

Voting and Election Special Panel | LV Discourse

Oct 22, 2020

Alan Jennings highlights voting and the upcoming general election with guests Molly Reynolds, Senior Fellow with the Brookings Institution; RC Di Mezzo, Press Secretary for the Lincoln Project; Jeff Timmer, Co-Founder of Republicans and Independents for Biden; and Governor Christine Todd Whitman, National Chairwoman for Republicans and Independents for Biden.

Kimberly Paynter | WHYY

A new report from the Poor People's Campaign says low-income people are one group that's often overlooked, but could be crucial in deciding the election in Pennsylvania and beyond. WHYY's Laura Benshoff of Keystone Crossroads has more.

With the election just 60 days away, how safe is our voting process? What role might Hispanics play in the upcoming election? Alan Jennings begins his election year coverage by talking to Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure, Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley, and Delia Marrero of the Hispanic Center of the Lehigh Valley.

Election Controversy Erupts in Allentown Part 4

Aug 31, 2020
Enid Santiago

Part four of WDIY News' continuing story on allegations by the Enid Santiago campaign of voter fraud, suppression, and ballot tampering in the June primary for the 22nd district of the Pennsylvania State House.

Host Alan Jennings continues to discuss politics in the lead-up to the November 6 election.  WDIY extended invitations to the Democratic and Republican contenders for the seats in Pennsylvania's 137th and 138th districts.

Labor Day is the historic "out-of-the-gates" day for elections.  While many have been paying attention for some time, over the next several weeks the candidates and their parties and surrogates will be pummeling voters with attempts to convert them to their side or fire up their side to get out and help them win. In this week’s show, host Alan Jennings discusses the 2012 election with guests Tom Carroll, vice chair of the Northampton County Republican Committee, and Walt Garvin, chair of the Northampton County Democratic Committee.