Dennis Christman

Program Host

Dennis can be heard as a rotating host of Good Clean Fun on Saturday nights. He previously worked at Polka King Jolly Joe Timmer’s radio station, the Lehigh Valley’s WGPA, in various capacities. In his spare time, he is a burgeoning lyricist/poet who has recorded some lo-fi folky material with long-time friend Scott Stastny. He enjoys hanging out in dive bars and drinking cheap beer but, if he has the money, he drinks Guinness, unsuccessfully tries to pick up women and travels - sometimes when he does not have the money. Dennis is a huge fan of New Hope, Lambertville, Doylestown, Center City Philadelphia, and Manhattan - particularly the East Village. Last summer, he walked through all of Central Park. Dennis is convinced Austin, Texas is the greatest city in the world, although it is doubtful he will return there for a while. He is a libertarian-socialist and enjoys radio show Coast to Coast AM while pondering various conspiracy theories.

Dennis has not seen many movies recently however, when he does, he likes independent non-Hollywood films. Preferring morbid dramas, he does not really care for comedies and does not often watch television, but thinks there are a few worthwhile shows like Seinfeld and Breaking Bad. Dennis used to be a huge professional-wrestling fan, but has long since grown out of it. Occasionally, he still may watch Georgia Championship wrestling clips from 1981 on You Tube.