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Autonomous Hospital Robots Used across Pennsylvania Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Autonomous robots used by U.S. hospitals have been extremely vulnerable to hackers. That’s according to cybersecurity startup Cynerio. WESA’s Kiley Koscinski reports the bots are used in UPMC facilities and elsewhere in Pennsylvania.

Read the full story at: https://www.wesa.fm/health-science-tech/2022-04-13/autonomous-robots-used-at-upmc-and-other-hospitals-are-found-to-have-been-vulnerable-to-hackers

(Original air-date: 4/17/22)

Kiley Koscinski is a reporter for 90.5 WESA. She covers breaking stories from a variety of realms in Pittsburgh; with specific interest in the growing technology sector. She has previously produced Morning Edition and The Confluence for 90.5 WESA. Before that she worked as a producer and assignment desk editor at NewsRadio 1020 KDKA. Kiley completed her undergraduate studies at Point Park University.