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GOP Senate Candidate Bartos Touts Business Experience, Derides Other Candidates for Weak Ties to PA


Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jeff Bartos worked to distinguish himself from a crowded field of candidates at a tele-town hall on Thursday night. WESA's Lucy Perkins has more.

Read the full story at: https://www.wesa.fm/politics-government/2022-01-27/bartos-touts-his-business-experience-and-derides-other-candidates-for-weak-ties-to-pa-at-tele-town-hall

(Original air-date: 1/30/22)

Lucy Perkins is an editor and also reports on federal government and elections for the Government and Accountability team. Before joining the WESA newsroom, she was an NPR producer in Washington, D.C., working on news programs like All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. You can reach her at lperkins@wesa.fm.