Lehigh Valley Discourse

Shamus McGroggan | WDIY

How are the Lehigh Valley's businesses doing? How is the regional economy being impacted by planning and development? Host Kamran Afshar hosts a roundtable discussion on the results of the latest quarterly economic survey of Lehigh Valley businesses.

Feminism with Dr. Kate Richmond on LV Discourse

Jan 30, 2020

Host John Pearce is joined by Dr. Kate Richmond to discuss 'Feminism: What exactly is it? Are you a feminist without realizing it?'

Shamus McGroggan | WDIY

Alan Jennings welcomes Dr. Chris Borick, Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, back to the program for his take on current political trends.

Discussing Homeless Youth on LV Discourse

Aug 9, 2018

Homeless youth in the Lehigh Valley is John Pearce's topic.  John's two guests help youth caught in this situation.  Dr. Patricia McGarry and Lisa Weingartner have worked with youth over many years and are senior vice-presidents at Valley Youth House.  They find homeless youth, help them with their studies and life skills, and point young people toward a better future. 

(Original air-date: 07/26/18) 

Sally Handlon looks at efforts to provide hunger assistance in the Lehigh Valley including Plant a Row, a grassroots effort addressing the food needs of Lehigh Valley residents experiencing hunger or at risk of experiencing hunger, as well as the Lehigh Valley Food Policy Council which promotes policies and action towards a local food system that benefits the community.

Bernie O'Hare and Mike Molovinsky on LV Discourse

Jul 17, 2018

Alan Jennings has returned to hosting a monthly edition of Lehigh Valley Discourse on WDIY.  His guests for this program are Lehigh Valley bloggers Bernie O’Hare of Lehigh Valley Ramblings and Mike Molovinsky of Molovinsky on Allentown.

(Original air-date 7/12/18) 

Dr. Kamran Afshar presents the results of the Kamran Afshar-Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce quarterly survey of Lehigh Valley businesses

Host John Pearce welcomes guests Ashleigh Strange (who hosts All Things Considered on WDIY on Thursdays), Ben Worsham, and Mike Quashne who are active in the Lehigh Valley area's Civil Air Patrol.

Sponsored by the US Air Force, volunteers perform homeland security, disaster relief and counter-drug missions. Its focus is to promote leadership and citizenship.

(Original air-date: 4/27/17)

As an annual tradition, Cedar Crest College President Carmen Twillie Ambar will join community host Sally Handlon sharing the recent accomplishments and future plans of the college including the 150th anniversary events in 2017.  

 The new strategic plan has been approved and the shovels are poised to expand the college footprint. Tune in and learn about all the excitement on campus! 

You may have heard of Doctors Without Borders, but the topic of this edition of Lehigh Valley Discourse is a newer humanitarian organization with a presence in the Lehigh Valley called Engineers Without Borders. The organization partners with communities in developing nations and implements sustainable engineering solutions.