Take Charge of Your Life

No longer airing new episodes

Take Charge of Your Life was a weekly program on WDIY hosted by marriage and family therapist Eleanor Bobrow. Guests would join Eleanor to discuss a variety of topics including health, relationships, and wellness. Programs that aired between 2012 and 2019 are archived here.

Director Ian Lettire on Take Charge of Your Life

Jul 11, 2019

Host Eleanor Bobrow talks with Ian Lettire, a New Jersey native who is the director of the new film Anywhere Is Here.

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes back guest Dr. Joel Fuhrman as they discuss how to overcome food addiction and lose weight.

Dr. Bonnie Winfield on Take Charge of Your Life

Jun 20, 2019

Host Eleanor Bobrow discusses how former imprisoned women can get their lives back on track through art. Guest Dr. Bonnie Winfield has been using creativity to bring forth a new perspective in these women to help them live their best life now.

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Emily Boller, author of Starved to Obesity in which she describes her journey out of food addiction and how we can do it as well.

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Prabha Sinha, founder of the Pratyush Sinha Foundation which teaches yoga and mindfulness classes at schools and other community locations, as well as Yoga for 12-Step Recovery.

Host Eleanor Bobrow discusses surviving trauma with World War II survivor from East Germany, Anneros Valensi.  

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes Kristin Smedley, author of Thriving Blind. Smedley discusses how her experience with her blind children can be an example to anyone with blindness, including how one can bypass the hardships of blindness and live a fulfilling life.

Host Eleanor Bobrow welcomes family therapist, teacher, and author Israela Meyerstein, LCSW-C to discuss her latest book, Miracle Nation: Seventy Stories About the Spirit of Israel: A Tribute to Rebirth in the Land of Our Ancestors.

Award-winning folk singer and author Judy Collins joined host Eleanor Bobrow to preview her talk at DeSales University on Thursday, May 9th entitled 'Understanding Mental Health and Older Adults.'

Host Eleanor Bobrow was joined by guest Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer and they discussed the meaning of grief, loss and transition.