Jay O Callohan: Tulips

May 3, 2018

I am going to declare that spring is here, although its grasp on pleasant weather is a little tenuous. I noticed in my sister’s flower garden the tulips are starting to push up from the ground, bring to my mind a Jay O’Callahan story entitled Tulips.

Jay O’Callahan is arguable our best known storyteller. He has been around from the start of the American Storytelling Revival. Some suspect he started it. Besides having performed at such venues as the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, National Theatre Complex in London, and the Lincoln Center in Washington DC, Jay has frequently been commissioned to write and perform stories, full blown theatrical productions; such as Pouring the Sun, for Lehigh University and Touchstone theatre; and Forged in the Stars in honor of NASA's 50th anniversary.

I and my children (when they were children) always enjoyed listening to his shorter stories as well. Here is one of those tales in celebration of spring.

That was Jay O’Callahan.

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For more information about the Guild, Google Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, or LVSTORYTELLING.ORG.

That’s all for now, have fun and keep a story in your heart.

(Original air date April 2018)