'Bethlehem, a 365 Perspective' with Mayor Bob Donchez & Lynn Collins Cunningham on LV Discourse

Dec 27, 2019

Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez and former SVP of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce Lynn Collins Cunningham join host Sally Handlon to discuss “Bethlehem, a 365 perspective”.

Although founded Christmas Eve 1741, Bethlehem has been promoted as the Christmas City since the mid-1930s. It is the top ranked U.S. Christmas City in a Google search and the “oldest” based on date initiated. And, Bethlehem has received many “best” recognitions for its holiday season. But the Christmas City is more than a 4th quarter holiday celebration. This name portrays a community with an authentic and unrivaled volunteer spirit throughout the year.

(Original air-date: 12/19/2019)